Fees & Payment Policies

Publishers’ commission

Listing a publication in our directory is completely free to Publisher. We receive 30% of each sale, and Publisher will receive the remaining 70%. Our fee is lower than many other ad networks, and it covers the cost of many tasks and features, such as:

  • Payment handling and processing
  • Payment handling fees
  • A sales team actively recommending Syndicate publications
  • Streamlined scheduling for potential sponsors
  • Material collection and delivery
  • Troubleshooting and answering questions from Advertisers

Late Fees for Advertisers

If an order to sponsor content is postponed, delayed, or cancelled by Advertiser less than 48 hours prior to the sponsorship’s scheduled publication, or if the advertising/sponsorship content is changed by Advertiser less than 48 hours prior to such publication, Advertiser is subject to a booking reservation fee of fifteen percent (15%) of the sponsorship fee.


Advertisers’ Deposited Funds are nonrefundable except when a Publisher chooses not to move forward with the sponsorship prior to publication, or in certain events of “Force Majeure” that extend for seven days or more and prevent publication from occurring.

Instructions for Cashing out Earned Funds from a Publisher’s Account

Publishers can login to their Account, navigate to the "Transactions" page from the dropdown menu in the top right corner, and then click the "Request A Withdrawal" at the bottom of the "Transactions" page.

Any questions? Email us at support@syndicateads.net.

Syndicate allows advertisers to connect with high quality publications. We present a rare opportunity to share an established voice that has a dedicated following. The result is something that cannot be acehived with banners. Often there is more effort required to build the content than a 300x250 but the return is well worth it.

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Syndicate Ads offers an exclusive membership to allow publishers to sell weekly sponsorships. Our goal is to make selling, serving, and maintaining a sponsorship easy, tasteful, and enjoyed. We maintain a high quality of both publishers and advertisers to ensure sponsorships are well received.