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We recommend the best apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

The Sweet Setup highlights software that has proven to be the best, not necessarily the newest. We do this by spending an inordinate amount of time and energy to research, test, and find the very best apps.

We have become a resource for people looking to find the best app for their needs. Therefore, our readership is, by nature, a group of discerning, intelligent people who are willing to spend money on high-quality products.

Because of our low-volume publishing cycle, when we do publish something, it generates a significant amount of attention.

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This is an advertorial, the advertiser provides the content that the publisher will share with their audience.

When you book a sponsorship, you get:* A sponsored blog post that is posted on the site, served to our RSS and Twitter feeds, and that will live in the archives forever.* Exclusive sponsorship placement within our weekly email newsletter.* A thank-you link in our end-of-week roundup post.* A one-month run of two separate banner ads — one in our top sidebar spot, featuring an image and accompanying text, and the other in our lower sidebar spot which features a large image.* Two thank you tweets — one from our site’s Twitter account and one from @shawnblanc’s twitter account.* Banner ads begin the week of your sponsorship and continue on for one month.* The Sweet Setup serves more than 425,000 monthly page views and reaches more than 22,000 subscribers via RSS, Twitter, and our email newsletter.* The overwhelming majority of our traffic is by people using an Apple device. Roughly 25% of site visitors are on an iPhone, 25% are on an iPad, and 33% are on a Mac.* Over 20-percent of the visitors to our site click through to the App Store to buy an app. And of those, 50-percent of them continue on to purchase an app.* Our email newsletter has an open rate of 55% (more than 3x the industry average for a newsletter like ours) and a click-through rate of 20% (over 6x the industry average for a newsletter like ours).

Examples of past sponsors: -

DuckDuckGo -

HelloSign -

Feingeist Software -

Jamf -

Curbi: Parental controls for iPhone and iPad

TOM BIHN: travel bags, backpacks, and messengers

Igloo: An Intranet that you'll love and that works on your phone