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What sponsorship includes:

This is a sponsored post, the publisher authors a handcrafted post for the advertiser.

  • Article between 400 and 1,000 words, including feature image at least 950px (W) x 650px (H).

  • Featured Post position on main site page on day of publication. Standard Post on main site page for at least the following 5 days.

  • Featured Post position on one channel page for at least one day. Standard Post on one channel page for at least the following 5 days.

  • Post is broadcast via social media (twitter/facebook/google+/linkedin) on day of publication, day after publication, week after publication and month after publication.

  • Post is included in the newsletter emailed to subscribers the week of publication.

    -- Newsletter Asset Sizes: 600x400 (png, gif, jpeg)/ Headline: 150 characters max / CTA: 15 characters max/ Click Through URL: URL to desired landing page

  • Post includes advertiser roadblocks comprised of one 728x90 and one 300x250 ad display tile.

Examples of past sponsors:

Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd., -

SquareSpace -

Toptal -

Degreed -

Elgato Systems -

Aviator 2 Suit

Invoice Ninja