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picjumbo.com is a popular free stock photo site with more than 1M views every month. picjumbo newsletter subscribers are bloggers, marketers, designers, freelenacers and digital agencies.

NOTE: Our newsletter had more than 182,000+ subscribers in 2/2018, then we stripped it to only 93,000+ ACTIVE subscribers to keep our list fresh.

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01/2018 — 182,000+ subscribers
02/2018 — 93,000+ subscribers (90,000+ inactive subscribers deleted)
05/2018 — 100,000+ subscribers
06/2018 — 105,000+ subscribers
07/2018 — 89,000+ subscribers (another 15,000 deleted)
08/2018 — 92,000+ subscribers
11/2018 — 95,000+ subscribers

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What sponsorship includes:

This is a newsletter sponsorship, the advertiser provides the ad content that the publisher will include in regularly scheduled email sent to their subscribers.

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Very often it's weekly newsletter with new photos (we're publishing new photos every week), sometimes it's round-up of popular photos. We can discuss this via e-mail.

Examples of past sponsors:

Local Hits Media LLC - https://mailchi.mp/picjumbo/23-beautiful-free-stock-photos-of-summer-you-shouldnt-miss-786949


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