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OnextraPixel has a strong online presence and was founded in 2009.

We publish in-depth tutorials, inspiration articles, reviews of new technologies (including WordPress themes & plugins), and other useful resources for designers, business owners, organizations, artists, and individuals who are passionate about web design.

Forbes, Elegant Themes, and DesignBombs has named us best design & web development blogs to watch in 2017.

We also have a huge presence on social media channels, including 65k fans on Facebook, 50k followers on Twitter, and 58k subscribers in our email list (which you should definitely subscribe).

What sponsorship includes:

This is a sponsored post, the publisher authors a handcrafted post for the advertiser.

A sponsorship includes a dedicated post on our website.

We will write an article or review about your product or service. We'll do an in-depth an unbiased review, the article will be at least 1500 words, and we'll go into detail as why it would be a useful / helpful for them.

  • Article will be written one of our writers to your liking
  • The article will be at least 1500 words and can go up to 2k
  • Exposure to 200k pageviews and 58k email subscribers
  • Article will be featured in our weekly newsletter of 58k subscribers
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