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Scene360 is a nonprofit organization, an arts magazine that focuses on giving a refined and innovative take on the world’s most unusual and striking artistic creations. Covering art, photography, tattoo, design, and cinema, Scene360 has attracted 60 million readers and with a following of 5 million on social media.

Scene360 has been nominated for several awards including the Webby Award four times, being crowned the winner for Best Art Website in 2015. It is also a three-time winner of the Pixel Awards for Art and People’s Champ, a two-time Platinum winner of the A’ Design Awards for Digital and Broadcast Media and has been named a SXSW finalist.

What sponsorship includes:

This is Advertorial Content, the advertiser provides the content that the publisher will share with their audience.


Based on content that you have provided about your service or product for the sponsored post, we may adapt or rewrite the text to get the best results. A post may have a maximum of 150 words. 2 to 3 links to your website. 5 to 10 images (at 2000 pixel width). And may include a promotional video.

Promoted on the Scene360 Magazine website

Sponsored post published here. Goes directly to home page and added to one relevant category of website (e.g. art, design, or other).

Social Media Scheduling

The first mention is made on your scheduled date/publication release, and the second a week later (at our scheduling) at a different hour on FB, and Twitter, to reach the largest number of readers.

  • Instagram: 1 mention, still images on "24 Hour Story" Spot. 167,000 followers.

  • Facebook: 2 mentions. 87,500 fans.

  • Twitter: 2 mentions. 17,900 subscribers.

  • Pinterest: 1 post mention. 14,000 subscribers.

  • RSS Feed: 1 post mention. 4,500 subscribers.

Examples of past sponsors:

Design for "Dracula Untold" and Universal Pictures

Design the Trase Shoe for DC Shoes