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We have been collecting and sharing articles and resources for designers and frontend developers since 2012.

What sponsorship includes:

This is an advertorial, the advertiser provides the content that the publisher will share with their audience.

  • A sponsored post in our blog (eg. Adobe - http://heydesigner.com/experience-matters-building-adobe-xd/)

  • A sponsored link in our newsfeed pointing to your preferred URL for one or two weeks.

  • Sponsored social posts. Your message will be sent out to 63K+ twitter followers and 3K+ Facebook fans.

  • A sponsored link with an image and a short description in our weekly newsletter (3rd position). Your message will be sent out to 8,400+ designers and developers. The newsletter is also shared on our social media channels. (our latest issue: http://heydesigner.com/newsletter/weekly-issues/126/)

    The number of click-throughs the weekly promotion will generate for you heavily depends on the product and your messaging, but on average we see about 500 clicks per week.

Examples of past sponsors:

Proto.io - https://heydesigner.com/blog/user-flow-diagramming-tool/

Skillshare - https://heydesigner.com/blog/classes-build-dream-career/

Toptal - http://heydesigner.com/see-top-startups-choose-toptal/

Toptal - http://heydesigner.com/finding-elite-designers-the-right-way

Depositphotos - http://heydesigner.com/stock-photography-as-inspiration-for-designers