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Cult of Mac is a daily news website that follows everything Apple. Our goal is to provide timely news, insightful analysis, helpful how-tos and honest reviews.

The staff is an international team of Apple experts, blogging around the clock, who have also written for Wired, Scientific American, The Guardian, Playboy, Boing Boing, Popular Mechanic, Mac|Life, The New York Times, Newsweek, Daily Telegraph, the BBC, MacUser and Macworld.

We often break stories and are becoming a primary news source on the tech web. Our stories often picked up by mainstream outlets like the L.A Times, Wall Street Journal and Wired.

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Cult of Mac is one of the leading technology blogs on the web. We reach a large, influential audience of upscale consumers unseen by other websites or blogs. The vast majority are college educated and earn high incomes. They are early adopters and high-end consumers par excellence. They buy lots of gadgets, drive hybrid cars, pay for online media and care about green products and the environment. Our readers visit multiple times per day to find out about the latest and greatest gear in the Apple ecosystem, allowing you to promote your products and services to a very receptive group of high-tech consumers.By sponsoring Cult of Mac, you will receive the following:* A sponsored post scribed by one of our highly-skilled writers.* A promoted tweet to an audience of over 560k followers.* A Facebook post that reaches over 115k Cult of Mac fans.

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