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CSS Weekly is a weekly newsletter that contains a list of the best and newest articles related to CSS and front-end development.

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This is a newsletter sponsorship, the advertiser provides the ad content that the publisher will include in regularly scheduled email sent to their subscribers.

Your sponsorship will be featured prominently in the top half of the newsletter. You will get a dedicated brief section, including a title, description, a 400px wide image for your company/product and a call-to-action link.

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1. Gmail 38.4%

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Examples of past sponsors:

Vertigo Studio SRL, Povernei 20, et 4, apt 9, Bucuresti, Romania, VAT no RO29109287 - https://css-weekly.com/issue-316/

Position Fixed UG - http://css-weekly.com/issue-304/

Radix FZC - http://css-weekly.com/issue-281/

Saent - http://css-weekly.com/issue-244

Rindle - http://css-weekly.com/issue-238/

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