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CSS Tricks started in 2007, with content mainly about...CSS. As time went on HTML and Javascript were included. Now, CSS-Tricks is really about building websites and all that entails, mostly from a front-end perspective. CSS has a staff of writers and several guest authors, so the content you find rhere will be as diverse as they are.

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Percy - https://css-tricks.com/?p=295632&post_type=newsletters&preview=1&_ppp=4a40e7a4e8

TylerMcGinnis.com - https://css-tricks.com/newsletter/163/

Filestack - https://css-tricks.com/?p=294818&post_type=newsletters&preview=1&_ppp=26f6789b25

Fullstack Academy - https://css-tricks.com/newsletter/158/

Buddy - https://css-tricks.com/newsletter/152/