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Paul Boag is a leader in the field of user experience design and digital transformation. Founded in 2005 his blog has become a respected source of quality content. It ranks well on search engines and is avidly read by his community of followers. If you are looking to reach digital marketers, designers, developers or project managers then is the place.

What sponsorship includes:

This is a sponsored post, the publisher authors a handcrafted post for the advertiser.

I write the blog post around a topic agreed with advertiser which is posted on The topic is related to the sponsor's product, but not a direct review.

The post contains a ‘sponsored by’ message at the start

The post will mention the advertiser and link to them at least twice in the content.

The post appears on and in RSS feed.

The post is promoted on @boagworld, my facebook page, linkedIn and Google Plus on the following schedule…

- Time of release (Lunchtime UK time).
- The evening of release (For US audience).
- Day after release.
- Week after release.
- Month after release.

My twitter channel alone has over 45,000 followers

The post is also mentioned in a bi-weekly newsletter with over 9000 subscribers.

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