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Ad Tech Daily is a news publication dedicated to all things ad tech, with a particular focus on advertising operations (ad ops), launched in 2008. It features news, interviews, events, commentaries aimed at serving an audience of primarily ad tech professionals. Occasionally, you will see news covering the larger sphere of online advertising and online marketing.

What sponsorship includes:

This is Advertorial Content, the advertiser provides the content that the publisher will share with their audience.

An advertorial on Ad Tech Daily includes: an article of virtually unlimited length promoting your company, product, service, whitepaper, whatever else you wish to focus on.


- Imagery and multimedia (including logo, infographics, screenshots, embedded videos, .pdf's, other objects)

- 2 to 3 weeks of being featured in a prominent position on the homepage

- Featured on all other pages with no expiration date

- Links to your company's website, resources, social media profiles (suggest 3 links, but can accommodate more)

- Distributed across all social media channels and RSS feeds


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- Typical user is 25-49, $100k household income

- 60% US

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